Photography Tips


The saying ‘never work with animals or children’ is very apt when it comes to capturing the perfect photo.  It can be helpful if you have someone to lend an extra pair of hands, either to distract them while you take the photo or to help keep them still. Here are a few points that may help.

  • When photographing your pet try to be on the same level as them. It is much better to be looking at them rather than down, from a standing point of view. A car with a hatchback can be a good position too.
  •  If you have help, someone standing behind you can attract your pet’s attention with food or a toy, while you take the photo – hopefully with an alert expression.
  •  Try to fill the frame with your pet’s head so that I can see the colour and detail of the eyes. It would also be helpful if at least one photo is taken in natural light, (but not direct sunlight) to get an accurate colour match.

Poorly taken photo. Bad pose with closed eyes.

Ideal photo, filling the camera frame with clear detail


Please send the best quality photographs that you have, as they will be my only reference material for the portrait, quite simply, the better the quality of photograph, the better the finished portrait will be. By using several photographs it is possible to capture a true likeness, as one might be the exact colouring or detail and another the favourite expression that you know and love. (Please indicate which photos best represent the above.)

If you prefer and live locally, we can arrange a convenient time and I will come and take some photographs for you at no extra cost.

I will take great care of all photos and they will be returned to you upon completion.


Images of photographs and portrait in progress


” Hi Marion,  Merry Christmas to you! I just wanted to let you know that we went out for breakfast this morning and gave Mum and Dad their portrait of Stanley. They absolutely love it and are so thrilled! Mum cried (which was expected!) and they both said how incredibly talented you are ☺ I’ve attached a picture of the painting with its frame on.  Thank you so much for creating something so special and we hope that you have a lovely Christmas and new year!  Love from Emma and Neal xx”